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Since I don’t know where I’m going with this story yet, I’m filing it under “Spice Traders”. Simply because some of the characters are spice traders. Although I don’t think that the spices as such will be very detrimental to the story yet. It could have been soap. Or jade. Or goats. I just liked the theme 🙂

Also, I am notoriously bad at coming up with titles. Or names, for that matter. I do have names for main characters (and favourites), but any person they meet anywhere starts out as a nameless image.

I would have a picture in my mind of… say, an old woman with a ragged grey cloak, bent with age, her white hair sticking up in wisps around her wrinkled face. She’s wearing a threadbare shoulder-cloth of brown wool, and a long skirt with an apron. It has two pockets sewn onto it, and the hem is frayed. She moves slowly and holds on to the door as she hobbles into the room, holding an apple in her other hand.

I just made that up on the spot. I could go on and on and describe the room, the door, her eyes, the small bruise she got this morning when she bumped her knee on the chair, how many grandchildren she has and that she likes poppies.


Sometimes that really stops me in my tracks. I already keep a list of names I previously liked on file, but sometimes that person’s name just isn’t on it. I can’t possibly name everyone Bob, can I?

(Although I had to laugh out loud at all the Walder Frey’s)