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Tuunish Saltkale features in the spicer stories. It’s a kind of salty stewed kale that you either love or hate.

My friend Pepper asked me if I had a real dish in mind when I wrote about it, or whether I just made it up. Actually, at first I made it up and it was called Ripple Stew. I changed it later on, after I found myself thinking about dishes I know that separate foodies over how good or bad it is.

So here’s the actual recipe. You’re welcome.

You’ll need:

3 kg fresh kale
2 onions
250 g goose lard
600 g pork meat
600 g ham
6 smoked sausages
1 kg small-ish jacket potatoes (cooled and skinned)
4 teaspoons sugar
butter or lard

Get the biggest pot you have. Actually, ask around and borrow an even bigger one. Get 3 kg of fresh kale. Wash it thoroughly (twice, the curly leaves are trapping sand like hell), pluck the leaves off the stems and off the thick ribs, then chop it up.

You’ll have a huge mountain of chopped kale, but that’s what the big pot was for. It reduces a LOT when cooked, so don’t skimp on the amount here or you’ll end up with half a plate of finished kale. Blanch it off in salt water, then take it out again and let it drip off.

Heat 250 gramsĀ of lard in your pot (goose lard is best). Add a few chopped onions and stew them until glazed. Add the blanched kale, mix well and season with salt. Add 1 litre of water and let it simmer for 1 – 2 hours.

After 30 to 60 minutes you may add 600 grams of meat (belly of pork) and 600 grams of ham. Just place them on top of the kale and let them cook there for 1 – 1.5 hours.

Half an hour before the kale is finished, add 6 smoked pork sausages to cook with the rest of the meat.

Heat butter or lard in a large pan (or two, if you have them). Add the cold whole potatoes and turn them around until fried from all sides. (Works best with potatoes cooked the day before and kept in the fridge overnight.) Caramelise them with the sugar directly in the pan.

Serve kale, sliced meat and sugared potatoes with a dollop of mustard.