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I was bored the other day, and was looking for some new things to read.

My bookclub seems to be revolving around the same handful of books at the moment, and I wanted some fresh inspriation, so I played author bingo.

This was my card:

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 6.29.03 PM

I proceeded to fill it with one book per square from an author beginning with that letter. The rules are:

  • Must be a book I actually want to read
  • Must be fantasy or science fiction

Then, as I read the books, I get to fill in the squares.

I decided I’m not going to read them in an order to fill a row as fast as possible, but rather to see where my fancy takes me and see how long it takes to “accidentally” get a Bingo.

My first filled in square is E for Eriksson, as I was just finishing up the first Malazan book that day. My next square will be S for Suarez (reading Daemon at the moment). From then on it’s fair game on all the letters 🙂