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I’ve inherited a Kindle.

At first I didn’t get into it, as I really prefer a book in my hands, but there is a huge advantage to it: you get books for free.

There are two kinds of free ebooks.

First, books that have passed out of copyright into the public domain are available for free from multiple places. There are a lot of classics I have never read, like Wuthering Heights or Moby Dick, and others I have devoured as a child but would love to re-read at some point, like Uncle Tom’s Cabin or Gulliver’s Travels.

Second, there are tons of new books being distributed for free. Some are free for a limited time as part of a promotion, others are free because the author hopes that you’ll come back for more and pay for the next book in a series. I have downloaded a number of those. Most were from relatively unknown indie authors, and while I had one or two that weren’t good at all, most were a good read, and a few were real keepers. And yes, in at least one case I did go back and paid for the sequels to a free book.

I have been Kindle-ized.