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I have a readership of about 3 people. Given that I haven’t officially published anything (ever), that is quite nice, haha. I’m posting my¬†stories in instalments¬†to a private blog, where my friends can access it with a password for their entertainment.

But recently, some of my friends have asked for a translation of the story so far, as their English isn’t good enough to enjoy the blog as it is, but they’re intrigued by the comments made by others.

If I was writing exclusively to finish a book and publish it, I would not waste the time on translations just now. But I am mainly writing to entertain my friends, which is a different issue altogether. Now I’m torn between continuing to write more of the story, or translating the existing instalments for others to enjoy.

I have other stories that aren’t written in English, but since the Spicer story has gotten so long and complicated, they have had to take a back seat.

What would you do? Translate or not?