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I’ve misplaced my map.

Aaaaaaaah !

I have a map of the places where my Spice Trader stories take place, where I note their route as they go along, and draw in places that are mentioned or referred to, alternative routes, and so on.

Alright, there are so many scribbles on there only I can read it these days, but for me it’s an important piece of reference that I need, because I can’t remember all the places off the top of my head. Now you might think this is a huge continent with hundreds of places.

It’s not.

There’s probably less than twenty named places on there, but I can only remember eleven of them right now.

I got a brand-new desk last week, and shifted all my tables and the chest of drawers around, and now it’s gone missing.

I should have scanned it….

PS: Anyone wanna come round and help me turn this place upside down?