My head is full of stories. Colourful worlds inhabited by weird and wonderful things and people, and all I have to do is imagine what could happen next.

The genre of my stories is almost always definitely Fantasy, because I like fairy tales, legends, and magic. If it has magic in it, it must be Fantasy, right?! There are a ton of specific sub-genres in Fantasy, but I’m neither an expert on them, nor am I that bothered. I don’t like people to tell me what I can or can’t invent in my own head. I may have an elf hopping around in a story, but he doesn’t necessarily speak Elvish just because Tolkien-Fans say it must be so. He might speak Bulgarian. My story, my rules.

(Two writers I greatly admire for their total disregard of “common” Fantasy styles and their ability to come up with their own distinct set of rules are Terry Pratchett and Ian Irvine. And of late Ben Aaronovitch, so make that three.)

I don’t know whether I have it in me to write a book. Or even a good story. I often don’t finish stories I’ve started, or suddenly come back to an abandoned 5-page intro I’ve had kicking around in a drawer for 10 years.

The hardest part, as every writer knows, is to actually sit down and write it until it’s finished.

At least until we find a way to download stuff directly from my imagination.

– Keenan