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Job Hunting

My stories are on hold, as I’m busy jobhunting. I need to earn a living, and I won’t do that by writing in my free time, so I have to don a suit and go find real work.

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Twisted Religions

Religions fascinate me from a storytelling point of view. Every real-life religion has a ton of stories. There’s a creation myth, exploits of the various gods or associated characters, and a bunch of tales to illustrate how one should or should not behave. Then there’s a code of conduct, a set of rules to be adhered to, and possibly a dress code.

Coming up with a religious system for a story seemed like a lot of fun. I’m thinking ceremonial hats and a holy scepter at this point, muahaha. No, but seriously, inventing a religion warrants some thought, as the beliefs of a character will influence how he or she reacts to certain things. Read more »

Summer & writing

Summer is here, the weather is hot and dry, and my balcony is in need of attention. I don’t feel like writing much in this weather, since I much rather enjoy the sun outside.

Besides, my dayjob doesn’t leave me much spare time at the moment, so the writing is suffering.

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Bilingual woes

I have a readership of about 3 people. Given that I haven’t officially published anything (ever), that is quite nice, haha. I’m posting my stories in instalments to a private blog, where my friends can access it with a password for their entertainment.

But recently, some of my friends have asked for a translation of the story so far, as their English isn’t good enough to enjoy the blog as it is, but they’re intrigued by the comments made by others.

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Decisions, decisions…

In my plotline, one of the characters travelling in a group gets separated from the rest and has to strike out on her own. So far, so good. When I first came up with my plotline, she got separated quite early on in the story. It provided me with two separate storylines that I could switch to and fro, breaking up the monotony of just following one story all the time.

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Ten chapters into a short story…

…and no end in sight.

The Spicers story is so much fun, it’s mutating into a novella. I’ve just completed chapter ten, and I have drafted chapters eleven to nineteen.

I’ve drawn maps and made calculations about mileage for ox carts, have come up with some villains and  made a culinary point. Oh yeah, and I managed to mention pirates as well as dragons. Boojah.

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Aaarrgh, it’s gone!

I’ve misplaced my map.

Aaaaaaaah !

I have a map of the places where my Spice Trader stories take place, where I note their route as they go along, and draw in places that are mentioned or referred to, alternative routes, and so on. Read more »


I didn’t have a working computer for three weeks. It was horrible. While I can easily live without facebook or google for a while, it deprived me of the ability to type. Why do I always have the best ideas when I’m not in front of a computer? Usually it’s not a problem, as I mull them over in my head, and when I have time I go and type them up.

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Writing playlist

Do you have a playlist especially for writing?

I kinda do. Sometimes utter silence isn’t motivating, so I have some tunes that make me go write. It changes from day to day, but I found I like tunes that have a steady rhythm to them, and lyrics that aren’t too complicated.

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Magic is fun!

There’s a lot to be read online and offline about the system of magic in world-building.

Alright, maybe not that much, but all of it is very interesting to me. I like magic. Always did. When I was little I was always in awe of fairy godmothers and sourcerers who could change the physical universe with a wave of their wand or a smart rhyme.

The success of Harry Potter and the popularity of Gandalf in recent pop culture just shows that I’m not alone there. But coming up with a system that makes sense in itself is an artform. Do wizards just know how to do stuff or do they have to go to school? Is using magic physically exhausting? Can you buy or sell magic? Can you use some magic but not other magic? Does it require a wand or a potion, or only the right thought or word?  Read more »